Biyang Tonefancier Chorus Pedal

Product description from the  manufacturer..

Tonefancier series effects,which have used high-end handwork effects as standard, with the high cost of adopting a lot of high-quality and well-known HI-FI audio parts and combined with classic circuits and good internal structure, have reached a very high quality level!
CH-7 is a chorus effect which using the analog circuits design, the tone is clean, natural, and warm. The switch for two kinds of speed control makes it widely adjustable.


  • Analog circuit design
  • All metal construction
  • Two speed mode, widely adjustable
  • Using high quality components such as German WIMA audio capacitance and high precision resistors for transparent signal transaction
  • Entirely dust-proof rheostat for long life
  • True bypass design
  • Affordable, a lot of bang for the buck

My experience..

I own this Biyang chorus pedal, and find it to be the best of many I have owned. The metal case is solid, and I love the chickenhead knobs. By slowing down the speed and widening the spread, it adds a warm, lush quality that truly “fattens up” your guitars tone. I leave the pedal engaged full-time, I wouldn’t play without it.

With a price point of about $55, this pedal is a great value. Check it out at   

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