Mooer Slow Engine Review

Mooer Slow Engine Review

First of all, let me say that I own this pedal, and I love it.   

The Mooer Slow Engine is a clone of the classic Boss Slow Gear SG-1 from the 80s. Hah. Very expensive.

What this pedal did was help guitarists get the volume swell effect by silencing the attack of the guitar signal. Guitarists usually did this by hitting the string with the volume off on their guitar, then rolling it up immediately to get a violin type effect. Think of Jeff beck and Jimmy Page. Very simple and sure to make your audience wonder how in the world that sound is produced..

This was also hard to pull off effectively and took a lot of coordination to get consistently live. Then Boss stopped producing them and now the old ones cost $350-500 on Ebay! Go figure. Then Mooer comes in and recreates it faithfully and perfectly.

You can tell it’s a faithful re-creation of the original down to the black outer casing, to the same naming of the knobs “sens” and “attack”, and even the naming is obvious “Slow Engine”… So save your $300, for a new, modern, lighter way to volume swell. Volume Swells are back!

Boss Slow Gear clone except way cheaper and lighter.

  • Sens (sensitivity) and Attack controls
  • True Bypass Mini Pedal Size Saves Space on Pedalboard
  • Solid Built Metal Casing Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9
  • Brand: Mooer Weight: 0.44 lb Mooer Slow Engine Volume Swell (Slow Gear Clone SG-1)

Pedal has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 14 reviews.  Available at

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