Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Review – An Affordable Spider


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Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Review – An Affordable Spider with Good Bite!

Many beginner amps can be very basic in terms of controls and effects, but Line 6 is taking a different approach. We’re looking at the reinvention of an old favorite, the Spider Classic 15, which proves to be one off the most versatile budget amps on the market.



At first glance, the controls of the Spider Classic 15 may look confusing, but as you get used to them, they are actually pretty simple to understand.

On a the control panel, working from left to right, we find rotary controls for drive, bass, middle, treble and volume, before two Smart FX dials and a master volume on the right-hand side. The Smart FX controls are the highlight of this amp, w, giving you options for six of the best-known guitar effects including reverb, tape or sweep echo, and tremolo.



The amp is an all-black, well-built, rugged little box that retains the modern style that all Spiders feature. It has a single 8” speaker that offers 15 watts of power, with four amp models ranging from an ultra-clear clean mode to a heavily distorted model that’s perfect for the heaviest rock and even djent styles.

You can also create, save and then recall four of your own unique user-created amp settings, which is handy for finding your favorite tones at the push of a button. The Spider Classic 15 also comes with a built-in digital tuner and a headphone jack. It’s worth noting that the Spider Classic 15 is compatible with both FBV Express MkII and FBV2 foot controllers, although these aren’t included.


For stock tones, the sound is fantastic – the high-gain model in particular is very gnarly for the size of this amp. The controls are simple to use, while the inclusion of two Smart FX controls allows you to use two different effects at once (for example, tremolo and reverb). The main flaw is the responsiveness of the controls, which are a little too sensitive – even a small touch can change the volume from low to incredibly loud.


While it won’t blow you away with power, the Line 6 Spider Classic 15 is a great little amp. For both beginners and experienced players who fancy a smaller amp with plenty of flexibility in tone, this is a very good call.

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